The new NFB logo, nicknamed WHOZIT, is a dynamic abstract figure suggesting a confident blind person walking with a cane. The figures' head is a yellow-orange half-moon shape, his right arm is red and holds his light gray cane, his left shoulder and right leg are violet in color, and his left leg is light blue.

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Welcome to the Miami Valley Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind of Ohio Website

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Chapter Information


          Welcome to the website for the National Federation of the Blind for the Dayton area, also known as the Miami Valley Chapter of the NFB.  We are an advocacy group changing what it means to be blind.  We believe that all members of the community should have a fair and equal opportunity to be a part of society.  Both in Family, education, employment, and government etc.


          Our local chapter of the NFB has been actively involved in educating the general public what it means to be blind and that we as individuals can function just as well as anyone else, given the opportunity. 


          We give presentations whenever possible to local schools and other organizations about the blind cultchure and Braille Literacy.  One of our goals is to educate the people about many common misconceptions and fears people have about blindness.

We are involved with the Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority (RTA) considering issues about accessibility for their services concerning the blind and problems concerning the service when an issue is brought to our attention. and whenever possible, we attend RTA meetings that relate to our concerns about mobility and accessibility in the RTA and the Dayton area.

We have been and are involved with agencies such as Goodwill Easter Seals, The Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI), and issues concerning accessibility and resources for education, employment, and equal access to government agencies.


          Setting tables for seminars and workshops for community organizations Senior Care, Good Samaritan Hospital and The Dayton Diabetic Association.  One of our members was recently elected President of the D. A. N. (Diabetic Action Network) for the NFB of Ohio..  Over 3000 people die every 24 hours. of this disease and we have a strong advocacy to educate the public by going to different local churches or where ever our advocacy is called for.


We also have fundraising events throughout the year.  Such as information and sales booths at carnivals, for example.


We also have are own phone service and have helped many people in the Dayton area to deal with their blindness and become themselves independent and productive members in the general community.


          Even today, in our own time, there are many misconceptions about blindness, and many people and families do not know how to deal with blindness when it happens.  One of our goals in the NFB is to educate the Public and help individuals to understand that blindness is not the end of the world, and in many circumstances, it does not mean that you cannot go on doing whatever it was you were doing in life when blindness does become an issue.  For example, there are blind programmers, teachers, lawyers, ministers, engineers, and even athletes.  There are many examples of what people can do and that blindness is not the end.  Examples can be found in our Braille Monitor at:  The Braille Monitor

So, if you would like to help change what it means to be blind, or you are in need yourself, then please contact or come and visited us during one of our meetings.



We meet at 1:00p.m. Second Saturday of the month

At the Christ Episcopal Church located at 20 West 1st Street, Dayton, OH


Chapter President: Richard Payne

Phone: (937) 293-2131

E Mail:

Vice President: Ron Williamitis

Phone: (937) 781-9684


Board Member: Vince Fugate

Phone: (937) 291-0898